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"The more elaborate our means of communication,

the less we communicate."

Joseph Priestley

The pebbles represent core values, focussing on the longevity of socotra logistics

Socotra Logistics Puts People First


Founded over 40 years ago Socotra Logistic's vision is drawn from a solid work ethic and passion for quality. This philosophy continues to underpin the business today. Our two central principles, client satisfaction and colleague welfare, are crucial to our ongoing success.


With our local and global logistics expertise we are in a position to offer clients professional and individually tailored freight solutions. Our ethos is based on integrity, building mutual trust with clients and suppliers to develop strong partnerships.


A major part of this strategy is communication - humanities connection.


We feel this has diminished and been diluted in the freight business over the past 20 years to the detriment of everyone - we are, after all, a people industry.


Come and experience the difference


Tim Harris, Managing Director

Enquiries: 01332 897570

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